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Friday, March 18, 2011

Event Articles Needed

Please send me your recap articles from past events as soon as you can. I will put them in the next newsletter. Articles and photos from some of our larger events will be sent in to the local papers.


Dan Limbach
PR Chair & Council Advocate

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blood Drive Results in 73 Pints

Paul Spokas donates blood
Our Awesome Blood Drive Team
On Sunday, February 13, 2011 our council sponsored another Blood Drive and we were able to collect 73 pints of blood. Unfortunately we did not reach our goal but as they say better luck next tiem. Thank you for all who turned out to support this drive.

February Service Anniversaries

In February the following KC11091 Knights celebrate their anniversary of joining the Order.

Anthony Balun 1959
Terry Hoelting 1976 (35th)
Tim Pignatari 1983
Patrick O’Came 1985
John Harrison 1993
Cy Grosssmayer 1996 (15th)
Ken Prigge 1996
Cliff Sherwin 1996
Robert Bowman 1997
Bill Braun 1998
Patrick Colcernian 1998
John Musto 1998
Keith Sesko 1998
Zenon Zdany 1998
Ray Lewandoski 1999
Roman Budek 2000
Tom O’Hara 2001 (10th)
Joel Bennet 2001
Mark Halper 2001
Rodel Peji 2001
Jerry Ahler 2003
Bob Bomhack 2003
Zbigniew Boncza 2003
Mike Flynn 2005
Kevin Niland 2005
Scott Nejman 2005
Joe Lehman 2006 (5th)
David Wrightsman 2006
Brian Balduf 2007
Chris Burns 2007
Doni Conigliaro 2007
Randy Pedretti 2007
William Pinter 2007
Tom Quinlan 2007
Les Paprot 2007
Kevin O’Callaghan 2008
Michael Carlson 2009
Angelo Chapa 2009
Juan Juarez 2009
Bogdan Kryca 2009
Gregory Freund 2010
Chris Knoerzer 2010
Paul O’Rourke 2010

February Awards

Knight of the Month

Joel Kolner is new to the Knights, but has exemplified the “can do” spirit that the Knights of Columbus is known for. Joel has been involved in just about every activity in the past 2 months, but January found him as busy as usual with Nativity Scenes, RE Rosary handouts, and coordinating the Hockey Tournament family outing. Our thanks go out to Joel and his family for all of their hard work! I am proud to name Joel Kolner as our Knight of the Month for January!

Family of the Month

Our Parish and Council are truly blessed with Catholic men who are leaders for their families and examples for those of us around them. Allen and Joyce Shulfer, along with their children (Megan, Mitch, Sophia and Simon) quietly get things done both at home and for their Parish and Council ministries. Being active in Scouting (both girl and boy), Barrington Giving Day, Christian Youth Theater, Feed My Starving Children, and many other activities keeps the Shulfer family humming along each and every week. I haven’t even mentioned the various Knights activities Allen and his family participates in, but please join me in recognizing the Allen & Joyce Shulfer family as our Family of the Month for January!

Free Throw Contest Winners

Our council Free Throw Championship was held in January with a total of 21 participants.

Winners in the girl’s category were: Jessica Neumann (10), Amy Digiulio (11), Emily Minneci (12), and Sarah Benigni (13). Winners in the boy’s category were: Matthew Benigni (10), Christian Fernandez (11), Cole Johnson (12), Nick Nemtuda (13), and Kevin Kotleba (14). Emily topped all shooters with an impressive 13 out of 15 attempts.

Congratulations to the champions who will now move onto the district competition, which we are hosting on Saturday February 26th. Setup begins at 11:45.

Interested in helping out? Contact Dan Kotleba at (847) 854-1821 or for information or to volunteer.