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Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Clay Shoot at Coon Creek

The Clay Shoot was once again a big success, judging by the faces and discussions among the participants and observers.

We had 46 participants in a true family affair: 21 Knights and 25 family members or guests. Of the 46, we had 37 contestants on sporting clays range shooting over 1,850 clay pigeons. Couple that with roughly another 300 clays on the speed course, and the Knights shot at over 2,150 little orange disks.

Of course, at the end of the day, the little orange disks had the last laugh as we ended breaking only a little more then 540 of those.

The defending champion defended well, breaking 38 out of 50 pigeons. We did have a couple of Knights only breaking 1 pigeon, so we can officially record zero skunks at the range in 2010.

We had warm weather, but it was dry after a brief scare from some rogue rain clouds. Most folks had their fill of pizza and pop or water and we were all home by 3 pm or so.

Vivat Jesus!

Shooting clays looks easy until you get in the box

Adam Huellen and others wait for their turn

Bernie Paniak showed some good skills with the shotgun

Joe Kuczynski goes after the "rabbit"

This group was ready for action

I thought I said "pull"

Amy Solar had some solid hits

Our champion, Jerry Ahler shows us how it's done

Kevin Fitzgerald Sr. and Jr. at the Speed Shooting Range

Hayden Limbach and Jerry Ahler team up for some speed shooting

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