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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Great Tree Lot Season


We would like to offer a big thanks to all who participated with this year's Tree Lot. We officially closed Sunday, with only 2 trees unsold out of the 290 we ordered. We provided the church with three complementary trees for the outside entrance area, as well as one for the rectory, and the three 60" wreaths you will see at Christmas services. We were also able to help out six needy families with a tree or a wreath (at their discretion), all complements of Council 11091.

In addition to trees and wreaths, we sold a lot of Nativity sets and accessories, as well as some magnets, tabletop sets, lights, and tree stands.

It was once again a highly profitable season because of those who contributed their time at the lot. We want to thank Brother Chris Cimaglio for helping secure this year's tree supplier, and for providing us with lights and tree stands for sale at the lot. The quality of the trees was excellent, and we were able to give the Village a beautiful 20' tree for Riverfront Park. If you haven't seen it yet, take a drive by the park one night before it is taken down.

Thank you to the Friday night crew who kept the lot open into the wee hours on several occasions. That's dedication.

We have to give a big thank you to all the non-Knights who participated. I won't be able to recall everyone I saw at the lot, but I know the Nejman boys (Kyle and Cameron), as well as Kevin Fitzgerald's son (Kevin), and Les Paprot's son put in many hours of service. Also, thanks to everyone who brought us chili, polish sausage, and yummy treats to snack on. Finally, a warm thank you to Sal Bongiovanni for once again offering a big discount for food ordered from Sal's Pizza Company. Anyone not mentioned in this email, your contributions are greatly appreciated, and it wouldn't have been the same without your generosity.

The Friday and Saturday shifts did a great job breaking down much of the area, so most of the work is done. We'll send out an email with the date and time of the final cleanup. We'll need to tow the trailers back to the parking lot at that time. Currently, the ground is too frozen to pull up the fence posts.

The final step is to tally the final sales results and complete the Activity Report for the January meeting. Thank you for entrusting us with this awesome project. We already have some great ideas for next year.

Vivat Jesus,

Dan Limbach & Scott Nejman
Tree Lot Co-Chairs

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